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[Фото] Green Day. Citizens Bank Park.

После кавидного локдауна американская группа Green Day дала фееричное шоу в Citizens Bank Park, город Филадельфия.

Philip C Soule

We would love to see you live! It has been one of our checklist items for years. Had tickets to the Hella Mega Tour in Seattle but it postponed twice and the new date didn’t allow us to be there because my wife and I are both teachers and couldn’t take off work. We had 4 tickets…sold 2. Lost money on the other 2. I am not blaming Green Day or the other groups at all. Glad to hear that it was an awesome concert!! Maybe next time Green Day!

Patti Chambers McCurdy

You put on a GREAT show!!!!! We are 3 generations having a blast!!!!! My son-in-law took the pic 😎 My 12-year old grandson there is a HUGE fan of yours and an accomplished drummer, loves doing your stuff 💞💞💞
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