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Children of Bodom – Wacken 2018 – Full Concert [ R.I.P. Alexi ]

I never felt sadder when someone from the world of music died. Like a part of me died. When I was very young COB changed the world of music for me and they influenced it the most of all. Every album is perfect and special, he put his soul into every song and note he played. But unfortunately the disease is stronger and he doesn’t ask for years …. Those 10 albums will remain a great history and will be listened to forever. Thank you for everything Alexi, I’ll see you one day on the other side.

Trek List:

1:57 Are You Dead Yet?
6:15 In Your Face
11:52 I Worship Chaos
15:45 Blooddrunk
20:30 Angels Don’t Kill
26:16 Needled 24/7
31:00 Hate Me!
36:20 Everytime I Die
42:22 Downfall
48:08 Hate Crew Deathroll
52:32 Towards Dead End

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