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Eddie Van Halen’s Advice That Son Wolf Keeps Close During Career

This has been a great year for Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolf. His band is Grammy-nominated and he’s coming off a great season of touring.

Of course, being a rock ‘n roll legend’s son isn’t always easy. Since the passing of Wolf’s dad last year, he has dealt with a lot of criticism from fans. Folks keep asking him to cover the hits. Meanwhile, the young musician just wants to do his own thing, make his own name.

He spent years touring with his dad and playing his songs alongside him. So, Wolf has a lot of stories and words of wisdom from his late father. Those words have kept him going and give him a perspective others might not have.

In a conversation with People, he talked about that advice that he keeps with him today. “You just got to make sure you keep enjoying it, otherwise, what are you doing?”

It is clear that Van Halen has been enjoying himself. He has toured with Guns N Roses, has his own thing going on with Mammoth WVH, and his 2022 looks like it is going to be even better somehow! His tour next year will be alongside none other than Dirty Honey. The YOung Guns Tour kicks off in January, so Wolf has some time to rest, for now.

Rock Isn’t Dead and Has a Bright Future with New Acts

While Wolf Van Halen has been doing the solo thing for just a few years, his experience is far deeper than that. Fans can get upset that he doesn’t play Eddie’s old stuff and make their judgments. However, Wolf is one of the few real and tangible connections from the genre’s past, present, and future.

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Wolf gets the fact that fans have nostalgia for past bands and performers. That will always be true. But he doesn’t get the hate against younger and new artists. For him, it fuels the narrative that rock is “dead.” That couldn’t be further from the truth if you ask the 30-year-old artist.

Wolf Van Halen Says Rock Ain’t Dead

Despite what folks might tweet at him, Wolf Van Halen knows that rock is very much alive. He talked about it recently when discussing his upcoming 2022 tour. He doesn’t hold back when he talks about the misconceptions. Fans can keep talking to him, and he’ll keep unloading like this.

“I think if you say ‘rock is dead,’ you’re wrong. And I think that’s a big point of this tour.” So, if you think the new guys can’t do it like they used to in your day, keep it to yourself. Wolf just doesn’t want to hear it. Oh, and play some Mammoth WVH while you’re at it.

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