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Emigrate – I’m Still Alive

About Emigrate:
Emigrate. The one-time project has become more than that. Much more.
The three studio albums “EMIGRATE” (2007), “SILENT SO LONG (2014) and “A
MILLION DEGREES” (2018), prove that squarely behind Emigrate stands Richard
Zven Kruspe – an extremely creative mind who needs the freedom to explore
his music and his vision in ways outside of Rammstein.

The new studio album, THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY. It is a special jewel indeed, with the nine featured songs bringing together ideas that Richard has collected across the last two decades. Industrial Rock, Rock with electronic elements, however you choose to describe it, there’s no question that the songs here always contain a strong sense of melody, as rousing as they are deep.
So far and yet so close. Emigrate 2021.

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