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Seventh Crystal – “Time To Let It Go”

Шведская группа, Seventh Crystal,  играющая пауер-метал, в предверии выхода нового альбома, “DELIRIUM”, выложила в сеть видеоклип с композицией – “Time To Let It Go”.

“Большое спасибо нашему другу Джонатану Джофьорду за съемку и редактирование этого видео!” – Seventh Crystal

Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to welcome Sweden’s Seventh Crystal to the label’s roster of young, up-and-coming talent. The band’s debut album, “Delirium” is out now.

“We put everything we’ve got into making “DELIRIUM”, the album of our lives, so far. Every note, beat, and harmony has undergone an immense meticulousness whilst not losing that human feeling and soul. We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished. But, this is just the start. We have only just begun our journey and we’ve got more coming. Enjoy the album and share it with your friends!” the band says.

Seventh Crystal, a stunning new rock band from the fertile Swedish music scene, was put together by singer Kristian Fyhr. Initially, Kristian wanted to pursue a solo project, but when the songs started to take form, he realized he wanted to involve more musicians. So, he moved to vocals only and brought in Johan Älvsång (Pinstripe Conspiracy, Lamashtu) on keyboards/piano and Olof Gadd (Osukaru) on bass as the first key pieces, and then recruited Anton Roos on drums and Emil Dornerus on guitar to complete the line-up.

Seventh Crystal’s music can best be described as arena hard rock with melodic rock influences. The band comments, “We would describe the band’s music and sound as an “intelligent” hard rock, but still very melodic. Our songwriting is very varied. We like to write songs in a pop style and then “beef” them up and make it rock. We’re big admirers of everything from Cheiron Studio and Max Martin to Behemoth and Iron Maiden. So our influences come from a lot of different bands and music. But we kind of end up in the modern hard rock and arena rock sound, since that’s where we have our common roots. When it comes to the songwriting, it is usually one or two of us who write the basic idea. But then each member adds their own touch and flavour and what comes out is the heavy, intriguing and exciting sound of Seventh Crystal!”

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If you love the new wave of Scandinavian hard rock embodied by bands such as One Desire, H.E.A.T., and other bands who bring a huge sense of melody to modern rock, then this band is going to be right up your alley. Their forthcoming debut album will be hard to top as THE debut album of 2021.


1. Say What You Need To Say
2. When We Were Young
3. Broken Mirror
4. Delirium
5. When I’m Gone
6. Should’ve Known Better
7. So Beautiful
8. Time To Let It Go
9. Déjà Vu
10. Bright And Clear
11. Hope It Will Be Alright

Kristian Fyhr – Lead Vocals
Johan Älvsång – Keyboard/Backing Vocals
Emil Dornerus – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Olof Gadd – Bass/Backing Vocals
Anton Roos – Drums/Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Hampus Linderholm – Cello
Emelie Alm – Backing Vocals

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