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Ian Gillan: The happiest day of my life

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Друзья, надеюсь, что вы достаточно хорошо знаете английский язык, чтоб иметь возможность читать размещаемые на нашем ресурсе англоязычные статьи. С другой стороны, мы были очень благодарны, если вы в качестве дружеской помощи перевели их на русский язык. Переводы прошу высылать на этот адрес: [email protected] , или размещать в комментариях ниже публикации.

Заранее спасибо.

Ian Gillan: The happiest day of my life



What was the happiest day of your life and why?

Nice timing, I’ve been scribbling anecdotes and I’d like to share one which answers this question.

I’m an eight year old boy at a large family gathering in Calne, Wiltshire 1953.

Christmas dinner was memorable. We kids were seated in the parlour adjoining the crowded dining room where every seat was taken by the adults. After a real feast with all the trimmings we lined up again when dessert was delivered ceremonially to the table. The lights were turned off to better see the Christmas pudding soaked with brandy and all aflame that was set down next to a huge bowl of hot custard adorned with a sprig of holly.

Directly above, sellotaped to the ceiling, was a bunch of balloons. I looked up to see the sellotape drying and curling away because of the heat from the flaming pudding. The balloons became detached and floated down as I watched in awe. Nothing could be done as one of the balloons landed directly upon the holly and exploded with a spectacular result. The contents erupted from the bowl and scattered outwards, splattering everyone with custard. Excellent.

The seating arrangements were the same for breakfast on Boxing Day. As we lined up again to have our plates filled, my Uncle Ivor picked up the ketchup and failed to notice that the lid was not screwed on properly when he began to shake the bottle vigorously, setting up a repeat version of the day before. The outcome was identical in every way except red not yellow. Brilliant.

It was the happiest day of my life; never surpassed.

If “God” (whatever your idea is on that) were stood before you now, what one question would you ask him/her and why?

My idea of God is Mother Nature and her great prophet Darwin through the door of Zen. She satisfies all my logical and spiritual needs; more importantly there’s no nonsense about Her. For an obvious reason there is no point asking her a question and if it’s not obvious I will happily explain, upon request.

As an expressive artist in the music industry, how does the state of the planet make you feel? 

A lot of us – including our hero Nobel prize winner – have been writing ominous stuff about this for half a century. But now because we have, through our phones, some kind of ethereal global consciousness it may be possible to breathe for a while through fast action until – to survive – we are able to moderate our presence in this over-populated home of ours.

Other than with malice, we humans cannot kill or cull ourselves; it’s just not in us, even for survival, until maybe it is too late. So, we had better find a way to live with a smaller community and make better of limited resources. It seems unwise for a parasite to kill its host.

What one cause would you say you feel most associated with and why? Whether it’s equality, poverty, politics, the environment or other?

They are all related – I am fascinated and involved.

God – Mother Nature and her great prophet Darwin – hallelujah, raise a glass to them both – shows that equality does not and cannot exist… maybe for one second, until a pickpocket gets us moving again. A poor person can be wealthy in non-material ways (Mahatma Gandhi); poverty is subject to ethos; too complex an issue to address here, and popular analysis will keep you up all night. Politics is suffering from Left/Right stalemate and a plague of pooh-bahs in a castle full of rascals. But I do prefer a rascal to a dullard who sees nothing but grey in the spectrum of life.

If you were stood before the leaders of the world, what would you say to them?

Lend us a quid, I can spend it better than you.

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