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Почему Ринго считают великим барабанщиком, хотя он и не был виртуозом…

Drummer, singer, songwriter, bandleader, rock ‘n’ roll pioneer…Ringo is responsible for making drumming look cool and inspiring countless people to take up the instrument.

Whether he was playing with The Beatles, the All-Starr Band or others, his one-of-a-kind approach set him apart from other drummers and he always wrote parts that elevated the song.

BUT… Is Ringo Starr one of the greatest drummers of all time? Or is he only famous because he was a member of The Beatles? Even though he’s one of the most well-known drummers of the 20th century, fans of Ringo still think he’s underrated – especially because he’s had his fair share of haters.

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  Ринго Старр заявил, что чувствует себя на 27 лет