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The Hellfreaks – “Tabby”

You end up goddamn boring
If you’re still ignoring
What happened to the kid in you
You think it would be crazy
But it is just damn lazy
Take a risk, do something true!
Do you hear me? Hey, listen good!
Quiet words can get misunderstood
Do you hear me? Hey, you have stripes too!
Cat or tiger, who are you?

I can’t swallow the part
That might break your heart
But you’re learning too slow
Your head hangs too low
Let me hold your chin up for good
Joker or King
The braver will win
But big men will try to prove
That cards can’t get laid out by someone like you

Follow me down on my knees
I hope you like it more than me

No pressure, no diamond,
No no, don’t enjoy the silence
Make them talk about your choice
Why do you feed dreams
That are never involving you?
How will your movie end
If you are always just a preview?

The only thought that you should fear
“F**k my life! Why am I still here?”

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